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Easy Homemade Yogurt: Save Money by Making your own Yogurt

Of all fermented foods, yogurt is one of my favorites. Buying yogurt can be expensive, and the individual plastic cups are a drag. You can save money and add less plastic to our environment by making your own yogurt! It's super easy and tasty.
I bought a yogurt maker at a thrift store or garage sale probably 5 years ago. I used it a couple of times with moderate success but it seem rather fussy.
Now I make yogurt the easy way.
You don't need a yogurt maker, you are the yogurt maker!
A few tools make the process easier.  You probably own everything you need to make yogurt already!
For my super easy laid back yogurt making I use the following items

MilkMeasuring cupMason jar, quartThermometerStarter culture(you may use store bought plain yogurt, see notes below)Shabby towelHeating pad, I use a seedling mat.Microwave(you could also use stove top, but then you need a pan, so much hassle)

Making yogurt is really easy, it is very forgiving and works every time(in my experience). Dep…

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